On Our Radar – from optimising your ‘Where’s Wally?’ search to data-informed careers guidance / by Mary Jane Edwards

Data science

Here’s Waldo: Computing the optimal search strategy for finding Waldo (via RandolOlson.com)

Who said data science had no practical uses? Discover the optimal search pattern to find Waldo (or Wally, to UK audiences).

When Big Data projects go right (via Forbes.com)

“…it could lead you to questions you would otherwise have never thought to ask.”

Data for good

A lot of Private Sector data is used for Public Good (via Computerworld.com)

Some early examples of this. Much more could be done, in our view.

LMI for All

LMI for all is an online data portal of labour market information that can be piped into websites and apps to help inform and guide careers decisions. We saw them speak at the Open Data Institute last week and thought we’d share.


Managing privacy in the Internet of Things (via Harvard Business Review)

When everything talks to everything else, how can you keep a secret?

Digital marketing

The psychology of notifications (via TechCrunch)

Are we all now Pavlov’s Dogs?

Mobile payments

UK Consumers say lunch is on me… and on mobile (via eMarketer.com)

More evidence of the growing appetite for mobile payments in the UK.