On Our Radar: From the Trust Engineers at Facebook to the apps curbing drink driving / by Mary Jane Edwards


Trust Engineers (via Radiolab) 

Must listen Radiolab podcast this week on Facebook’s behavioural studies.

Facebook Heir? Time to Choose Who Manages Your Account When You Die (via WSJ)

Staying with Facbook, the social network now lets you designate a ‘Legacy Contact’ for your digital afterlife!

Maps and territories: explaining differences in recent reports on the UK’s 'tech' sectors (via Nesta)

Interesting breakdown of the new publications on the tech sector, which reflect the increasing policy interest in this space. The post also takes a good look at the different approaches to certain data sets and terminology used in each report.

The Oculus Rift could change big data analytics forever (via infoworld)

This company want to take data visualisation to the next level by showing real time representations of data sources.

Digital currencies 

Bitcoin is good money (via Business of Fashion)

If you’re behind on Bitcoin reading this is a good, short and accessible piece on how bitcoin stacks up when you evaluate it against the characteristics of money.


Three apps curbing drunk driving (via PSFK)

As technology improves, these types of apps are getting better and better at helping to solve real social issues.


Creative Data Club (via Sound and Music)

A plug for our friends at Sound and Music, who host a brilliant event around the creative use of data. Next week is all about music archives.