On Our Radar - from donating your data to M-Pesa’s next steps / by Mary Jane Edwards

Big data

Smarking Drives Big Data To Parking Industry (via TechCrunch)

We’re seeing a growing number of parking mobile app and big data approaches that point to the potential of similar approaches in other fields.

Forget about used clothes and food drives—donate your data to save the world (via Quartz)

60% of people are willing to donate their data for uses that will benefit the public, apparently. Would you be?

Data privacy

Redditor cracks anonymous data trove to pinpoint Muslim cab drivers (via Mashable)

Another reminder – if it were needed – to illustrate why it’s wise to be wary of the claim of ‘anonymous’ data.

Mobile payments

Can Mobile Money Conquer New Markets? (via MIT Technology Review)

What (and where) next for M-Pesa, whose Kenyan transactions jumped to $12 billion in the first six months of 2014. 

Educational games

The World’s First Badass Educational Game (via Good Magazine)

Just spotted this from a while back, but deserves wider reading for this line alone: “In the past, educators would simply impose education over a game like covering broccoli in chocolate.

Digitally-enabled fundraising

Girl Scouts bring you digital cookies (via allanalytics.com)

A fun (yet serious) logical extension of the US Girl Scouts’ digital innovations in the past few years.

Digital Currency Intersects with Charitable Giving (via CSR Wire)

Global Impact now accepts bitcoin payments.