On Our Radar: from digital humanitarians to predicting Olympics medal hauls / by Mary Jane Edwards


Does bad software hurt non-profits? (via Fundraising Success)

[The answer is yes]

There's no such thing as anonymous data (via Harvard Business Review)

Hearing more and more people say this. Wondering how systems might react.

A global network of millions of genomes could be medicine’s next great advance (via MIT Technology Review)

What happen with the advent of the Internet of DNA?

Predicting the Olympics medal count (via Discovery)

Interesting data hack - useful to see the working out.

Tech for good

Experts urge technology boost for UN peacekeepers in ‘rapidly evolving, complex world’ (via UN News Centre)

“Being able to transition to a culture that values innovation is central to being able to execute more effectively on peacekeeping mandates.”

Charity digital marketing

How digital transformation improved Marie Curie’s marketing strategy (via econsultancy)

Highlighting the positive the positive impact of adapting to the digital world.

Online volunteering

Patrick Meier on single-click volunteering, the good side of tech (via memeburn)

Digital humanitarians. Are you one?