On Our Radar: from small data driving IoT to the new app that gives you a glimpse into a single minute around the world / by Mary Jane Edwards


Forget Big Data - Small Data Is Driving The Internet Of Things (via Forbes)

Despite what some may think, big data is not a requirement for IoT projects. Here’s a good short piece on the uses of small data.

The big deal about “big data”—your guide to what the heck it actually means (via arstechnica)

We liked this piece, which breaks down the buzz words. On big data: “It’s all about sorting variables and tracking them, piecing together things that humans can’t.”

Why Business That Use 'Big Data' Make More Money- Infographic (via Entrepreneur)

We’ve been looking into consumer behaviour and data these past few weeks and like this infographic of other examples of how big-data analytics are being used by businesses to make better decisions…and more money.

Mobile payments

Barclays to allow mobile payments based on Twitter handles (via Gigaom)

Users of Barclay’s Pingit mobile payments app will now be able to transfer money to one another using their Twitter handles.

Crowd funding

Pebble Time Vs. Flow Hive: Kickstarter, Indiegogo Projects Break Records (via Forbes)

Dissecting how crowdfunding has become an increasingly powerful as both a marketing and ecommerce tool, and remains effective for both first time inventors and returning companies.


Apps in pockets, bums on cinema seats (via BBC)

UsherU, which launches next month, is an app that gives cinemas the ability to send out alerts when a screening has a lot of empty seats.

This awesome app gives you a glimpse into a single minute around the world every day (via thenextweb)

Wondering what is happening around the world at this precise moment in time. Wonder no more with the new oneminute app!