On Our Radar – from business innovation to big data trends for 2015 / by Mary Jane Edwards


Big Data

Speak to the eyes – the history and practice of information visualisation (via jeffersonbailey.com)

As data visualisation becomes ever more important to make sense of increasingly large data sets, a fascinating look back at what has come before.

Big Data knows when you’re going to quit your job before you do (via bloomberg.com)

Slightly misleading headline aside, interesting to note the potential useful application of machine learning in HR settings.

Big Data top trends for 2015 (via KD Nuggets)

Interesting take on what might come in the year ahead. Looking forward to new tools that will help non-data scientists wrangle data.


In Business – 21st Century Unlimited (via the BBC)

Peter Day, who produces one of our favourite podcasts, investigates various approaches to innovation in the business world. Very much worth a listen

The top technology failures of 2014 (via MIT Technology Review)

What, if anything, can be learned from initiatives that didn’t quite go to plan last year?

Social Impact

Social programmes that work (via the New York Times)

A nice round-up of successful evidence-based programmes in the States, and the importance of evaluation.

The sharing economy

The sharing economy and the future of finance (via TechCrunch)

Is the finance industry facing an uncertain future due to the rise of the sharing economy? Christopher O. Hernæs thinks so.