On Our Radar – From the dark side of the collaborative economy to how Big Data is changing business / by Mary Jane Edwards

Collaborative Economy  

The secret to the Uber economy: wealth inequality (via Quartz)

Exploring the dark heart of the collaborative economy

Can Washington DC beat Uber at its own Game? (via The Verge)

Rather than banning Uber Washington DC taxi commission is launching “Universal D.C. TaxiApp" in March

Internet of Things

Seven Internet of Things startups to keep an eye on (via Tech City News)

Seven firms have been chosen to take part in the UK’s first Internet of things Launchpad, funded by Innovate UK, Tech City and Cambridge Wireless

The Ghosts of Websites past (via The Washington Post)

A bit of internet nostalgia as The Washington Post lists the most popular websites from the last 18 years 

Big Data

How big data is blurring industry lines (via Forbes)

Interesting take on how consumers are making decisions about a product based on the data it collects and the analytics it enables, and what this means for companies like Nike

What can we learn from cities' smartphone data (via Next City)

How phone data can be used to help us understand how we interact with the modern city