On Our Radar– from powerful healthcare analytics to in-house tech company philosophers / by Mary Jane Edwards


How big data is improving healthcare (via The World Economic Forum)

Some sensible tips for those interested in bringing analytics tools into a healthcare setting.

The Shazam Effect (via The Atlantic)

Producers and music labels are definitely playing closer attention to the data driving the music business, but is it taking over the songwriting process? And does it really matter if our brains are already wired to prefer melodies we already know?!

The future of fundraising (via Stanford Social Review)

Good, short overview of fundraising trends for the year ahead, with a focus on technology being used to engage donors at every giving level and big data becoming even more easy to manage and understand.

How Ebola roared back (via The NY Times)

A gripping read about how the epidemic sweeping West Africa might have been stopped in its tracks.


App Usage Grew 76% In 2014 (via TechCrunch)

Every app store category saw session growth in 2014, but growth within the shopping category was the largest. Is this the year we finally see more sales close on mobile and tablet?  

10 apps you should have on your work phone (via The Telegraph)

We can vouch for at least half of these simple and time saving productivity tools.


Google Philosopher (via psmag.com)

Who wouldn’t want a resident philosopher in their company? How age-old debates are providing Google with useful answers to contemporary problems (and apparently, keeping them out of court).