On Our Radar – from civic crowdfunding to psychological reliance on iPhones / by Mary Jane Edwards

Big data

James Murphy Shares Remixes Made With Tennis Data (via Pitchfork)

Data is dull? You cannot be serious…

Lean Innovation

Charities, Innovation and Lean Start Up (via Nominet Trust blog)

Kieron Kirkland from Nominet Trust shares heaps of learning and useful advice on how charities can innovate while keeping the home fires burning.

Run a Nonprofit Like a Startup To Move Fast and Help Things (via TechCrunch)

Ryan Seashore shares similar thoughts and examples on the same theme.

Mobile payments

In Business – Money Making (via the BBC)

Peter Day’s excellent In Business podcast makes it back into the list with a speedy exploration of the emerging mobile and digital payments market.

Technology reliance

The Extended iSelf: The Impact of iPhone Separation on Cognition, Emotion, and Physiology (via Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication)

This study investigated the psychological and physiological effects of iPhones users’ separation from their cellphones during cognitive tasks: “Our findings suggest that iPhone separation can severely impact attention during cognitive tasks.”

Smart homes

The smart homes of CES turned me into a believer (via the Daily Dot)

Selena Larson gets comfortable with a house with smart locks, keys, scales and plants.


Local Governments and Nonprofits test Crowdfunding for Civic Projects (via the Chronicle of Philanthropy)

A good overview of the emerging potential and challenges of civic crowdfunding.