On Our Radar – Merkel talks tech, finding data nerds and the problem with the Internet of Things / by Mary Jane Edwards

Digitising Europe

The meat on the bones of Germany’s digital policy: Merkel at Digitising Europe (via Silicon Allee)

We were in Berlin this week for the Vodafone Institute’s Digitising Europe conference. Chancellor Merkel’s keynote speech was assured – optimistic yet pragmatic. Some excerpts and analysis here.

Could a robot do my job better than I? (via digitising-europe.eu)

At the same conference, Michael Osborne, Associate Professor in Machine Learning at the University of Oxford, was excellent in analysing the digital threats to and opportunities within the employment market. Low-skill jobs are most at risk from machine learning, it seems.

Big Data

Find local data nerds, build a local data hub: Tips from Beth Kanter (via Knight Digital Media Center)

Beth Kanter suggests ways for non-profits to get round their data analysis skills gap.

The Internet of Things

The problem with the Internet of Things (via TechCrunch)

Dan Conlon questions current IOT evangelism by highlighting major weaknesses in user experience


Apple to host ‘Hour of Code’ at retail stores worldwide (via AppleInsider.com)

Java with your coffee, madam?

Data Privacy

When data gets creepy: the secrets we don’t realise we’re giving away (via The Guardian)

Ben Goldacre questions our apathy in relation to external uses of our personal data.

With Big Data comes big responsibility (via Harvard Business Review)

And MIT’s Alex Pentland addresses some of strategic and regulatory issues related to this agenda. Can we find a New Deal for opting in or out of personal data sharing?