On Our Radar: from data do’s and dont’s for charities to traffic light ping pong / by Mary Jane Edwards


Data do’s and do not’s for nonprofits (via Techsoup.org) 

A good introductory article on the increasing importance of data, and how charities can start to get a handle on it. 

Spotify year in music (via Spotify)

Spotify mined their year in data and shared some fascinating facts about customer listening habits and interesting correlations.

Digital culture 

‘Design is more than cute chairs’ (via Science Friday)

Senior Design Curator at MoMA, Paola Antonelli talks about how the museum has embraced all aspects of digital culture.


Bringing the Museum to your mobile (via Google policy Europe)

Google Cultural Institute has created a platform, which allows museums to create a simple but powerful mobile app, based on Google's technology including Street View and YouTube.

16 Best startups that launched in 2014 (via businessinsider.com)

Lots of interesting apps in here, in particular DWNLD, which is to apps what Wordpress is to websites.

“Driving While Black” App Emerges to Educate Public on Rights (via nonprofitquarterly.com)

Two Portland lawyers have produced a topical and timely app, Driving While Black to educate citizens of their rights when they are stopped by a police officer.


Traffic Light that lets you play pong (via thisiscolossal.com)

We like this clever, gamified way of dissuading impatient pedestrians from darting across traffic in Germany. 

Mobile commerce

Starbucks, Asda use proximity targeting on mobile to drive in-store traffic (via Mobile Commerce Daily)

Could leisure centres, museums and art galleries use this technology?