On Our Radar – from data-toting cops to the unstoppable rise of mobile payments / by Mary Jane Edwards


Big Data

Can Big Data measure the political mood? (via the World Economic Forum blog)

What can 100 million tweets tell you about citizens’ views of state institutions? The World Bank aims to find out.

Data-toting cops (via MIT Technology Review)

Big Brother watching you or intelligent policing to protect communities? Whatever you think, this trend is set to continue.

Twitter "Exhaust" Reveals Patterns of Unemployment (via MIT Technology Review)

Can Twitter data mining reduce the costs of mass-scale socio-economic analysis?

Mobile payments

Dunkin’ Donuts’ app reaches 10M downloads as loyalty, payments ascend (via Mobile Commerce Daily)

The pace of mobile payment adoption in the States is fascinating, with Dunkin’ Donuts hot on the heels of Starbucks. All sectors should be watching.

Gaming for good

Xbox controller pulls actual blood out of players’ arms when they’re shot (via The Independent)

Kickstarter project radically rethinks the blood donation impetus.


Crowdfunding hub could help Liverpool entrepreneurs (via The Liverpool Echo)

New crowdfunding hubs are coming to a handful of Northern and Scottish cities, Liverpool included.

Social innovation

The Dawn of System Leadership (via Stanford Social Innovation Review)

We’re tracking the systems leadership and collective impact agenda with great interest, and found this article questioning what type of leadership is required to tackle society’s most intractable problems really insightful.