On Our Radar – from democratising fashion design to creating an “innovation engine” / by Mary Jane Edwards

Fashion and Retail

When knitwear meets the internet (via The Crafts Council)

The future of fashion comes to Somerset House.

What shops and shopping will look like in the future (via PSFK)

The trends and insight agency PSFK sets out a number of developments shaping the future of retail.


How do you promote a contemporary art exhibition in the age of social media? (via Quartz)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art invites popular Instagram users to preview the show.

The internet is good for both the producers and consumers of music (via The Guardian)

Legendary record producer Steve Albini makes the case for the internet being a positive force for musicians in a great keynote speech at the Face the Music conference.


Innovation made easy (via Harvard Business Review)

Harvard Business Review on how to set up an “innovation engine” in 90 days.

Just how important is LinkedIn becoming? (via entrepreneur.com)

A new US bank is using LinkedIn as part of their online credit check process.


The future of mobile browsing? (via TechCrunch)

A new “card” based browser designed for mobile phones is being launched by Wildcard.