On Our Radar – from the socialist beginnings of big data to future of our clothes / by Mary Jane Edwards


Google’s dominance in search is reaching its peak (via Quartz)

Could Google’s dominance of how we find stuff out on the internet be on the wane?

Big Data

The socialist origins of big data (via The New Yorker)

Tech naysayer par excellence Evgeny Morozov frames big data as an old school planning tool only fit for old school socialists.

Ignore estate agents and use data to find out what your neighborhood is really like (via Time Out)

Data makes it to the pages of Time out, it must be cool.

Perceptions are not reality: Things the world gets wrong (via Ipsos Mori)

Ipsos Mori’s annual round up of the gap between what we think we know and what the data actually tells us. 

Sharing economy

The Sharing Economy’s ‘First Strike’: Uber Drivers Turn Off the App  (via @cityofsound) 

What happens when the disrupters get disrupted?  


How not to launch app   (via The Irish Times)

The Samaritans’ new app that flags potentially worrying tweets from friends generates lots of coverage and even more of a backlash. 


How to defuse a (debt) timebomb (via The Spectator blog)

A sobering reminder that austerity isn’t going away anytime soon, no matter who wins the election next year.


What could your clothes tell you about the world? (via The BBC)

In a throwback to the mid 2000’s we’d like to recommend a podcast.  This one’s about wearable technology from Radio 4 second best business programme, The Bottom Line.