On Our Radar – from data-driven politics and journalism to crowdfunding Ebola solutions / by Mary Jane Edwards


Death by Data (via the New York Times)

Is an over-reliance on data killing political creativity?

Five recommendations for data science in journalism (via journalism.co.uk)

How can data science apply to journalism? Abigail Edge explains.

Digital and the Arts

Download latest app before the symphony (via the Washington Post)

Digital and mobile tearing down more walls in hallowed Arts venues.

Digital Lessons from the Museum and Art World (via the New York Times)

More examples of the great creative digital work being driven by museums.


Can technology improve policing? (via govtech.com)

 New survey from Accenture states the public are comfortable engaging with law enforcement agencies through digital means.

Crowdfunded research

A tale of three campaigns – highs and lows in crowdfunding Ebola research (via fundedscience.com)

The race to fund innovative Ebola programmes converges lives and dies on crowdfunding sites.

Collaborative innovation

The rise of a fourth sector skills set (via Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Gib Bulloch from Accenture Development Partnerships argues for more cross-sector convergence to solve the world’s problems.