On Our Radar – from drones fighting malaria to mobiles fighting Ebola / by Mary Jane Edwards

Data from the skies

Google’s New Skybox For Good Program Gives Real-Time Satellite Imagery To Nonprofits (via TechCrunch)

Another example of businesses releasing data to fuel social impact. Will be interesting to see how this is taken up.

How Drones Are Fighting Infectious Disease (via LiveScience)

Flying robots map out areas of Borneo affected by malaria. Will this prove more  effective and useful than satellite imagery?

Data for good

Can We Use Big Data to Make Society Better?  (via Spiegel Online)  

American computer scientist and MIT professor Alex Pentland suggests that we can.

Digital government

On policy and delivery (via www.mikebracken.com)

Fantastic Institute for Government speech by Mike Bracken on digital transformation in government. Every sector can learn from this one!

Ebola tech

Ebola and big data: Call for help (via The Economist)

Reporting on the battle to release mobile phone companies’ Call Data Records to researchers, to stem the spread of disease.

Ebola tracking system for Sierra Leone offered by IBM (via BBC News)

New system allows citizens to report Ebola-related issues and government. Is anyone attempting to co-ordinate the tech-for-good response to Ebola?

Arts crowdfunding

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ crowd-funding campaign raises $61,225 for its exhibitions (via TimesDispatch.com)

Good to see another arts organisation running a successful crowdfunding campaign. Hope more will follow.


3 keys for brands to sustain the mobile app strategy (via Mobile Commerce Daily)

Focus on the needs of the user. Build sustained engagement. Get ready for the next thing. Useful tips for app-for-good development, too.


Top 10 Innovations in Philanthropy (via Pioneers Post)

Great NPC research overview of new thinking and approaches.