On Our Radar - from the use of predictive analytics in cities to a user experience of the dark net / by Mary Jane Edwards

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Essay: Clockwork City, Responsive City, Predictive City and Adjacent Incumbents (via cityofsound.com)

An insightful piece by Dan Hill on how data is being used to predict behaviour and manage our cities.


The NY.gov (via codeandtheory.com)

How New York State is rethinking the way government communicates with its citizens.


How to be an online busker (via the independent)

We’re huge advocates of the ‘art of asking’, and there is lots to learn from Amanda Palmer for creatives and charities alike. 

Supporting the Arts With a New Kind of Access (via the NYTimes.com) 

This innovative cultural subscription service caught our eye in Amsterdam. The business model doesn’t just rely on a straightforward ticketing service, but sees fifty percent of membership fees going directly to participating cultural groups. One for the UK cultural sector to watch.


Medical Students train on new app game (via The Irish Times)

The Royal College of Surgeons turning passive learning into something fun and competitive. This new gaming app for iPhone and iPad is aimed at testing and improving people’s medical knowledge.

The Apps changing the way we spend money every day (via Business Insider)

What with new mobile payment laws likely to be announced by the EU this year here are five mobile options that are already changing traditional credit usage and our interactions with banks.

The Net

Jamie Barlett on the dark net (via The Guardian) 

We really enjoyed this podcast on the dark net by Jamie Barlett and the moral ambiguity on the net’s outliers.