On Our Radar – from CSR in the tech sector to new models of funding for public radio / by Mary Jane Edwards

Online Fundraising

Bank of America to Donate to Red for Every Mile Ran by Nike+ App Users (via mobilemediaxchange.com)

A Charity Miles inspired partnership between the Aids Charity Red and the Bank of America, who have teamed up with Nike+ Running app to launch the ‘Turn Your Miles Red‘ campaign. Every mile users run triggers a donation of 40 cents (25 pence).

Big Data

What does Corporate social responsibility mean for the technology sector (via SSIR)

Great article, highlighting how the technology sector’s greatest assets can be used in the social sector.

View from nowhere (via thenewenquiry.com)

A thought provoking push back on Big Data being hailed as a “revolution in knowledge,” questioning what needs to happen for Big Data to really enhance what we know about the social world.

Internet of Things

The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things (via amazon.co.uk)

We’re breaking our links rule in week two, to bring you a riveting read (only £2.50!) on the Internet of Things, the logic of it and its implications - the good, the bad and the dark side of things…

Mobile for social good

Mobile Phones For Social Good: The Case Of Africa (via sustainablebrands.com)

A good, concise overview of the transformations brought about by the mobile phone in Africa. It’s also a refreshing reminder that innovation does not always meaning something new, but an application of something that already exists to a new problem or a new context.


Adverting and Marketing here to stay or things of the past? Both and neither (via Man vs. Brain)

We liked this slightly ‘out there’ take on the need to challenge our basic assumptions around advertising and marketing. The subscription of everything is coming…

Breaking up the pledge drive: Boston’s WBUR wants to build a new model for public media funding (via niemanlab.org)

See above, but looking forward to tracking the investigations into digital audience engagement and historical giving patterns.

New Tech

“Places” Lets You Listen to Social Media Near You (via smallbiztrends.com)

This smart aggregation of social networks platform could be a useful curation tool for small businesses and place-based organisations.

7-Eleven taps beacons to chase runners into stores (via mobileweekly.com)

There are lots of companies trying to transform their customers’ experience using Beacon technology. This one caught our eye, which helps runners navigate to ‘hydration points’. How could place-based social sector organisations use this technology?