On Our Radar – from Big Data Alzheimer's discovery to Parisian crowdfunding / by Mary Jane Edwards

Big data 

Mining big data yields Alzheimer's discovery (medicalxpress.com)

Another example of the potential of big data in the health sector through the overlay of different data sets.

New tech

Comedy club uses facial recognition to charge by the laugh (BBC News)

We love the ambition of this. And great to see that it’s led to increased revenues already. 

Is the new technology at Macy’s our first glimpse of the future of retail? (Washington Post)

We're wondering how place-paced arts, culture and heritage charities might make best use of the iBeacon technologies being rolled out in the retail sector.


More Paris Institutions Turn to Crowd-Funding (Artsbeat)

Great to see an arts organisation putting so much energy into crowd funding. The Louvre has been on this for a while. 

7 spectacular crowd funding fails (gizmodo.com)

On the other hand, a useful reminder of the potential pitfalls of investing in crowdfunding ideas. An important distinction to be made between start-ups and established organisations.  

Online fundraising

Charities 'Are Missing Out On Several Billion Dollars' Due To Online Fundraising Failures (Huffington Post)

Some new research from Dunham and Company and Next After. Contains some useful specific pointers for improvement rather than just saying ‘charities should do better’.

Digital content

So you want to reuse digital heritage content in a creative context? Good luck with that (LSE Blogs)

A really thoughtful overview from Melissa Terras on the potential and pitfalls of using digital heritage content.

Newly-digitised footage from Reuters (ITN Source)

Quite excited to hear of the launch of this, and looking forward to seeing what gets released month by month. A really interesting window on various worlds past. Thanks to Chris Barwick for sharing.