On Our Radar - from big data supporting football talent to the questionable commodification of human activity captured by apps / by Mary Jane Edwards


Premier League uses data to nurture English football talent (via BBC)

A number of football academies have introduced data-based initiatives to ensure talented young players aren't discarded before they realise their full potential.

An Open Marketplace for Algorithms 

Algorithmia is a platform and marketplace that will give algorithm developers in academia and elsewhere a way to share their work with anyone.

Drowning In Big Data - Finding Insight In A Digital Sea Of Information

A good overview of the big data agenda if you're catching up. We also spied a new catch phrase....'Tomorrow’s generation will be born into the age of big data.' 


The Whirlpool Economy (via The Long and Short)

We enjoyed Charles Leadbetter's well framed piece The Whirlpool Economy, in which he argued that we are living at a unique time when prolonged stagnation and rapid innovation combine with rising inequality. This piece follows ups with some interesting responses.

Sharing economy

How the sharing economy could help the poorest among us (via Fast Company)

According to a new paper from N.Y.U. researchers, it's people living on below-average incomes who stand to gain most from sharing high-value assets.


The Most Anticipated Apple Watch Apps (via Forbes)

As the most high profile wearable to date hits the shops, which apps are going win out?

When apps are driven by the market, there’s only one winner. It’s not you … (via The Guardian)

Interesting piece on the commodification of human activity captured by apps on the market.