On Our Radar - from Disney's magical wristband to health in your hands / by Mary Jane Edwards


Wearable tech

Disney's £1bn bet on a magical wristband (via Wired)

If there is anyone that hasn't already read this piece out there, you should. Basically this wristband and the software behind it turn the park into a giant computer. Streaming real-time data about where guests are, what they’re doing, and what they want. Disney is also crunching visitor preferences while you book online in order to make the visitor experience as 'frictionless' as possible.

New Firm Combines Wearables And Data To Improve Decision Making (via TechCrunch)

Big Brother in the workplace! A system that uses a smart employee badge to collect employee behavioral data, which it links to specific metrics with the goal of improving business performance. 


The 7 most data rich companies in the world (via Data Economy)

We can never quite get our heads around Facebook stats like this: 'users upload 30 billion pieces of content between them every day, resulting in over 300 petabytes (3 million gigabytes) of information.'


The Startups Unbundling FedEx, UPS and the logistics industry (via CB Insights)

A brief overview of (literally) the movers and shakers in the logistics industry. 

Mobile Payments

Transactional Flexibility Is The Future Of Payments (via TechCrunch) 

Everyone thought it would be things like the Google Wallet to breakthrough the payment space. This article, and we would agree, says consumers will begin to see payment itself as a flexible tool, not limited to any one place or platform.


Your health in your hands (via Creative Review)

We're really interested to see how our relationship with the medical profession will change as the adoption of both consumer and clinical health tech services and devices becomes more widespread. This piece offers a gives a overview of the current landscape and some interesting provocations.

Embracing technology as a new approach to dementia (via KPMG)

Could neurogames take the 'gaming for good' agenda to a whole new level?